I think Kung Fu and Oragommy are not only beautiful expressions of art, but are also filled with badassness. They are both from the Orient and I have studied them with intensity. I will toot my own horn and state that I have combined the two to form a new phenomenon that will be sweeping the nation. I call it "Kung Fuagommy" and make animals and shit out of folded up papers and in swift n' stealthy motions I fling them at people who threaten me. It confuses people to the point of them laughing at me and walking away. I am a force to wreck with.

If you mess with me you will be given three choices.

A) Do you want me to put your face where your butt is?

#B) Do you want me to curse you with real live voo doo spells, cuz I will.

3) Do you want my denim boots in your behiney?


D) All of the above plus my buddy Gerard breakin' out a can of whoop ass that he will spray on you.