Before I inherited my Uncle Sibby's junk hauling business in Templecorn, my best friend Tess and I tried a lot of other business ventures that failed. Like this one from the press photo for our overly complicated concept bakery called "Celebrity Look-a-like Cupcakes." Attempting to capitalize on the cupcake craze, we cashed in our life insurance policies to finance a vintage-themed cafe that featured cupcakes in the shape of the heads of old Hollywood stars. I went a little nutty at a silent auction and bid on an autographed Elizabeth Taylor mannequin head that I thought would be perfect to display in our storefront window. $7500.00 later, I bankrupted our budget so that we had no money to buy flour and sugar. Tess was clearly furious with me and we didn't talk for two weeks, until she came up with a new idea for Honey Baked Spams.